Marketing Beer for Women

Marketing is important for all companies, but I find the marketing for beer very interesting. There are over 1,000 craft brewers (small, independent companies) in the UK alone so how does another one on the scene stand out? This is my job. Even if the company brew the most delicious beer in the whole world, it will be lost amongst a myriad of other cleverly designed bottles.


I’ve been doing a lot of research on the beer industry and I’ve come to the conclusion that I think there is a huge gap in the market for beer aimed at women. In the U.K. only 13% of us ladies drink beer whereas this figure is 36% over the water in Ireland! Molson Coors – the corporation behind Coors lager has even invested £396m in setting up a sister company (very appropriate wording!) – the Bittersweet Partnership, whose job is to specifically research and produce beer targeted at women. The end products were these….



There are 3 flavours available; clear filtered, crisp rosé, and zesty lemon.  Now. I don’t know about you, but to me, these don’t really look like beers. They look like someone has ripped the ‘Bacardi Breezer’ label off and stuck something a little classier on. Beer companies have experimented with various flavourings added to their beer, for example, I’ve tried chocolate, chocolate orange, peach and cherry. However, all these were still very much identifiable as beer and there would be no way of confusing them with any other product. There is a huge mixed consensus with regards to these Animee products. Some people like their attempts to change the stereotypical image of beer drinking women being lager ladettes into one of more sophistication and class, but others feel patronised. I must say, I can’t help but fall into the latter category.  Since we know they are specifically targeting these products to females, it is like they are assuming that they have to trick women into drinking beer by disguising it as something else – an alchopop. In order to encourage women to drink more beer, we shouldn’t be tricking them into it, we should be changing how we perceive beer. Instead of the current perceptions of old men in wooly jumpers, stag dos and ladettes downing pints of the stuff, we should aim to change people’s perceptions of beer as something for everyone. As a woman who wants to be treated as an equal to men, I don’t want manly things to be changed to make them ‘women – friendly’. That is just plain patronizing! I want to be able to enjoy the same things. Therefore, in order to increase the percentage of women drinking beer, I don’t think it’s the product itself that needs to be changed, but the way it is marketed.

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