I know it has been a long time since I last posted and this particular one is very overdue but I’d like to take you back to a couple of weeks ago. Back to Christmas! Doesn’t it seem so long ago now? That week filled with meat, rich sauces, cakes, chocolate and alcohol seems like a lifetime ago from the current detox diet most of us are on! Since it’s now snowing, lets cast our minds back to that festive morning and pretend we’re there…


What better way to celebrate Santa’s visit than with this little bottle of festive fun which is 14% ABV! It’s only brewed once a year on the 6th of December (Saint Nicholas’s Day!) so relatively rare and definitely worth picking up if you ever see it. It’s aged for 10 months before bottling and is actually a lager rather than an ale.

Although the taste is really nice, I kind of struggled to finish the whole bottle because of the richness and definitely couldn’t manage a second. Probably a good thing considering the alcohol content! It’s well suited to being a Christmas beer since it’s sweet and dark, perfect for a sipping during the annual family monopoly game in front of the fire. You are definitely aware of the high alcohol content and also the fruitiness and because of this, kid of reminded me of a Christmas pudding with brandy.

Happy (very belated) Christmas one and all!

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