Cowcadden’s Hidden Gem

I was recently invited to a beer and food pairing at the newly refurbished Cask bar inside the DoubleTree by Hilton. There was a brewery tour at Drygate beforehand but unfortunately I wasn’t able to make this part due to work. I wasn’t even aware there was a bar open to the public inside the Doubletree but it was a very pleasant surprise. It’s located on 36 Cambridge St near Cowcaddens…

Cask Map

…an area which I’ve found to be quite lean on bars and have often not really known where to go for a quick drink before going to any of the theatres, or the cinema near there *. It’s safe to say that Cask will definitely be my new go-to. The bar is just to the left when you go in the main hotel doors and manages to perfectly mix class with comfort, giving the bar a laid back feel whilst serving premium quality food and drinks.

Cask Bar

We were treated to a three course meal paired with Drygate beers for the starter and main and a Harviestoun beer to go alongside the cheeseboard. Chris from Drygate was there to talk us through Drygate’s ethos and their beers. He was very engaging and was excellent at giving more depth for the beer geeks and going right back to basics for the beer newbies. We were given Gladeye IPA to go alongside a fish medley starter which included prawns and spice crusted salmon. If you’re looking for a blow your socks off hop-filled IPA, Gladeye maybe isn’t for you, but I really like this traditional style IPA. Whilst I love hoppy beers, I often find they’re a bit of a one-trick pony and the malt balance can often be lost. Gladeye remembers that malt is a prominent feature of beer too and a well-balanced malt bill is used to give a sweet, bready backbone to the fragrant Centennial, Nelson Sauvin and Cascade hops. The malty sweetness of the beer went really nicely with the fish, whereas an overly hoppy beer would have overpowered the delicate flavours instead of enhancing them so it worked very well for me.


Next we had the star dish from cask – their Brisket and ribs made with locally sourced Buccleuch beef from the esteemed Buccleuch Estate in the Borders. This was paired with the beer Cask, brewed exclusively for the bar by Drygate. Slightly confusingly named, the beer isn’t a cask beer, but kegged. Whilst described as an IPA, it looked and drank more like a hoppy wheat beer. I must say wheat beers are probably my least favourite beer style, but the addition of a lot of hops meant it lifted the traditional banana/bubblegum flavours present and added a lovely, light zestyness which was a big hit around the table. However, these hops provided some bitterness which meant the beer was a perfect match for the ribs. The fattiness cut straight through any bitterness leaving a beautifully light, citrusy beer to lift the sweet BBQ meat flavours. Delicious!


I don’t think my eyes could light up any more when a packed cheeseboard and bottle of Harviestoun Ola Dubh was brought to the table. In my opinion, a rich, imperial stout goes far, far better with cheese than any wine or port. Ola Dubh really is a beautifully indulgent beer – sweet, thick and raisiny. A big chunk of stilton and a swig of Ola Dubh are a match made in heaven.


Lorna, bar manager and Iain, who has a passion for beer and drinks, tried to spend as much time as possible with us throughout the evening and their passion for the newly refurbished bar was very clear. Iain creates all the cocktails on the menu himself (bar the staples) and offered to make us a beer cocktail he’d created using an Innis & Gunn syrup. I’ve never really been won over by the beer cocktail trend until Iain brought out his creation. I was extremely impressed. Head chef Billy Campbell who has won numerous awards came out with each course to talk us through what we were about to eat. He is very passionate about local, sustainable food and has visited as many suppliers as possible to make sure they meet his high standards in terms of quality and ethical production. This was a big plus from me as I think it’s so important to try and source food ethically.

Cask was a hidden gem and I’m so grateful to have heard about it and now able to pass on my praises. If you are ever looking for top quality local food and drink with a laid back feel and friendly, knowledgeable staff, this is perfect. Cowcaddens and Glasgow has acquired a new gem and I urge you to check it out for yourself!

*please let me know of any other good bars/restaurants in the area!




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