Ride Brew Co – Apricot and Orange Sour

FINALLY trying my first Ride Brew Co beer (a fairly new on the scene brewery based in Glasgow) picked up from my first visit to Wee Beer Shop – a lot of firsts. I love that the labels are hand coloured and the blurb at the back is amazing. The beer itself rings true to its description with apricots being the star of the show. There are definite orange notes in there, and maybe some lemony citrus too. As sour beers go, its on the low end of the sourness scale, but that makes it super drinkable. It is definitely a thirst quencher, and as they say on the bottle, “really nice to drink outside in the sun”. Scarily so as I’ve gulped down nearly half while typing this presuming it must be a low 3% but it’s actually 4.7! Very impressed with my first Ride beer and can’t wait to try more.

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