A Decade of Beer

I thought I’d look back at some of my favourite beer moments of the past decade. Not normally one for things like this but f*ck it eh?!

2010 – I’d always liked beer, with a pint being my drink of choice when I was out, but I’d never really thought toooo much about it, usually opting for the cheapest thing on draught since I was a student. However, in 2010 when I was home from uni in summer, my dad brought back a beer and said “you need to try this”. He passed over the bottle and the intense smokey BBQ smell hit me. From that first sniff of Schlenkerla I was hooked!

2012 – I first started blogging about beer after finishing uni and not really knowing what to do with myself. At the time, no one I knew was really into beer as much as I was so I thought having a place to write it all down would be better than boring them to death. Later that year, I started writing about beer for The Herald which led to loads of amazing opportunities, including being invited to Brewdog and spending the day with some other beer fanatics as well as James and Martin who gave up their day to host us.

2014 – I was invited on an incredible press trip to Leuven in Belgium for the launch of Heverlee where I got to try Westvleteren for the first time.

2014 – I’d moved to London in late 2012 and was working for a start up tech company with some awesome people I still consider close friends to this day. We did a lot of charity work for Anthony Nolan, as well as lots of social events, and one of the things I decided to organise was a beer festival for the office. It was great fun and was really the first time I spoke to an audience about beer.

2015 – I moved back to Scotland and started working for my family’s brewery, Lerwick Brewery. This was such a fun couple of years where I used to keep spreadsheets of all the pubs in Edinburgh, and I got strong enough to be able to deliver 60kg kegs 💪🏻 It was also really interesting to see the beer world from a producer’s point of view as well as an avid consumer!

2017 – I began writing about beer again after a year or so of being too busy working at the brewery and did some articles for Flavourly craft beer subscription box amongst others.

2018 – I went on a beer holiday to Copenhagen and fell in love with it. I also developed a slight obsession with @toolbeer

2018 – I was a judge at the Scottish Beer Awards which was a phenomenal experience.

2019 – I got to do a whisky tasting in the Ritz in Paris through work which was insane.

2019 – I was a judge in the Scotch category of the World Whisky Awards, which again was an incredible experience and so different to beer judging!

I’m so grateful for all the fun I’ve had, for all the opportunities and for all the amazingly kind and passionate people I’ve met in the industry. Thanks so much to all of you and cheers to another great decade 🍻