I recently came across the brewery Kapplerbrau (or Kappler brewery in English) and wanted to let you know about them. They are a small, private, family-run brewery and as you can imagine, the family element of their company makes me have an affinity for them. They’re based in the Bavarian countryside in Germany and focus on ‘quality not quantity’. Kapplerbrau are sticklers for Reinheitsgebot (or the Bavarian Purity Law to us non-German speakers) which insists that only beer, water, barley and hops are to be used in the production of beer. There has been a brewer on the site for hundreds of years and has been passed through four generations of the Wiedemann family to the brothers Hans, Toni and Max.

Their two most famous beers are the Export Hell and Hefeweisse which you can see pictured below.




Export Hell is a bottom fermented export beer. It’s quite light in colour but full bodied and 5.2%. In the 2012 Beer Star Awards it received Gold in the Export category and I would definitely recommend trying it out.




Hefeweisse is their wheat bear. As you can see from the photo it’s a thick, light, golden straw coloured beer. It pours with a thick, creamy head and tastes quite fruity. Like the Export Hell, it’s also 5.2% and bottom fermented. It’s also bottle conditioned which sits in line with their traditional ways.




So far I only know of the following places that sell the two beers:


Hippo Beers
The Cave
The Belle
Good Spirits Co.
Beer Cafe
Great Grog
Henderson Wines
Villeneuve Wines
Appelation Wines
If you get a chance to try these out or know of anywhere else that stocks them (especially in London where I’m now based), please let me know, I’d love to hear about it!


I have recently moved to London but before that, I was a student in Edinburgh. Edinburgh really is a lovely city and I absolutely loved it. It has an amazing range of bars and pubs and you can always find somewhere that perfectly fits the mood you’re in.

One of my favourite pubs in Edinburgh has to be Brauhaus. I actually only became aware of this place in my last year at university which is such a shame! It’s a little bit out of the way (105 Lauriston Place – I’ll include a link to a map at the bottom), but well worth the detour to get there! It has a huge range of beers from all over the world and by far the best I’ve seen in Edinburgh. They even have my favourite – Aecht Schlenkerla, which is a huge winner for me! It can get a little busy during peak times but only because it really is a great little place. The staff are really friendly and clued up on the beer they sell. They’re very keen to help you pick something new and give good advice!

Here’s their Twitter, and their location on google maps.

So if you’re ever in Edinburgh, pop in past and let me know if you loved it too!